Call to Community: Changeling Zine

Hello there lovely COM|PASSionate REVOLUTIONARIES! Calling out you herbally inspired healers, medicinal magick makers and 2 spirits and mystical souls dedicated to social justice and community! We hope all is well out there but know that navigating the holidays can sometimes feel like sailing through treacherous waters. If you’re low on community, and could use a change in focus, perhaps you’d like to contribute to Worts and Cunning’s new project Changeling: Herbal Medicine + Magick Zine!

ChangelingAd“Changeling is a new herbal zine created for those of us who dance on the edges, who emphatically affirm the magick and mystery of our practice as herbologists, and love getting nerdy over the medicinal gifts of botanical medicine. We seek and support the diverse voices of our herbal community, commit to the path of social justice and plantwork, and celebrate the abundant wisdom of the green spirit of healing immanent in all things. The purpose of Changeling is to be a vessel of exchange, where we reach out to the universe, our community, and our selves, and the universe/community/selves reaches back.”

Heal through sharing your words and wisdom and art about healing! The deadline for the Spring Issue 1.31.15 the end of February 2015 (Newly extended.) Read more about the new project here. COM|PASSionately, The REVOLT

COM|PASSionate Inspiration: Seeds



Get stuck in the potential,

the tomorrow,

the light to come,

the rainbow after the storm,

the strength that is fostered in those of us that have had to fight a little harder to be seen, heard, nurtured.

Any support that was begrudged you-

Any respect not given-

Any tears mocked-

Any experience invalidated is not a measure of your worth, your value, the divinity that is to spring forth from the seed that is your essence.


you with soft hearts,

you with souls so deep that the darkness cannot be navigated,

you passionate fighters,

you compassionate spirits,

you with gaping wounds and blinding light,

you beautiful world weary animals,

you, You, YOU,

that have been buried alive and now claw for the sides and gasp for breath,

grow now you once buried, majestic seeds,

let your shivering, shimmering, strength break through.

In nurturing,


Restful Holiday Dreaming + Resources


In order to get my cozy winter solstice time on and dream more deeply into the coming year, I’ll be docking the Dreamboat blog for the next couple weeks. I can’t wait to come back in January all full of magic to share and visions ready to take root.

Here’s to your own restful holiday, nestling into your own deep dreaming for the new year! And if you want a little extra nudging, inspiring, or structure around this time, here are a few amazing and affordable little tools and goings-on I’ve come across to help reflect on the dreams of the past year, and dream yourself toward a new beginning…

Chani Nicholas‘  Winter Solstice/New Moon Intention Setting Tele-class

Susannah Conway’s 2015 Unraveling the Year Ahead journalling journey

Winter Solstice tarot game by James Wells/Joanna Powell Colbert

Your own journaling, collage-making, vision-boarding, personal reflecting, intention-setting, and map-making meditations and creations!


Don’t forget about the important tool of doing nothing in particular. If in doubt about any of this, it’s always interesting to just give yourself some heart space and see what floats to the surface. Whether the way you access that space is through stillness or activity, it doesn’t matter. That dreamy in-between space will never do you wrong.

Whatever kind of burrowing or adventuring or gathering or dreaming you’re doing this holiday, enjoy! ❤


Kaeti is a therapist, teacher, and dreamer based in Long Beach, California. All of her work (and play!) is interested in dismantling intersections of oppression and breathing magic and radical healing into all the daily corners of her life, into all the spaces of community she helps weave.

Coffee Shop Covers for COM|PASSion


As you settle into your holiday plans we wanted to give you a head’s up that you don’t want to party too hard on New Year’s because you definitely want to be ready for Coffee Shop Covers for COM|PASSion on 1.2.15!!!


That’s right- for ONE NIGHT ONLY the floor at Club Yoga will be open for musicians, yogis and Veggie Burger fans alike! Feel free to shoot us over any song requests or if you have a favorite cover YOU would like to perform!

Class will be a donation based all levels appropriate flow with food and drink to follow. Proceeds will go to the good folks and work of Farm Sanctuary!

We’ll remind you again but save the date now!! Also, come check out other events in the COM|PASSionate REVOLUTION here!


RSVP to the Facebook event HERE! 

The Light in the Dark


Winter Solstice is this weekend, and has me thinking a lot about The Sun…

The Sun from The Gaian Tarot
The Sun from The Gaian Tarot

Here she is in her full glory – something we remember as we connect to her during this shortest, darkest time of the year. The light in the dark. The core of heat and vitality in the cold emptiness of space. The force of warmth and life-giving power that rests as deep in the earth as it does inside each of us. We celebrate our ability to endure, share, and honor what’s born anew. We surround ourselves with reminders of what sustains us and nourishes us in dark times – community, color, sweetness, spice, warmth, fire, food, drink, joy, solitude, cozy comfort, and more.

Here is one of my favorite meditations on Winter Solstice, with a little bit about tea and magic, from the lovely creatures of Worts and Cunning. My Winter Solstice tea this year includes St. Joan’s Wort for sun and light, Star Anise for stars and dreaming, Transylvanian Mountain Mint for calm, ease, and a reminder of the year’s magic adventures, Hawthorne Berries for heart and movement between worlds, Rose Hips for sacred heart and vitamin C, and locally gathered pink peppercorns for the flavors of home and a little peppery kick. Have fun brewing and charming your own holiday tea!

Some teatime magic from Worts and Cunning!

I am loving practices like candlelight yoga – basically candlelight anything. (Attended by music about the descent to and return from the Underworld no less!) Being with the quiet and the dark, tending the spark and seeing by its light. Holding the spark of whatever comes to me in these quiet moments as a seed, held and nurtured by the darkness as it germinates, waiting to bring new magic  into my life in the coming year.

What might you do to mark this time of honoring the light in the dark?


Kaeti is a therapist, teacher, and dreamer based in Long Beach, California. All of her work (and play!) is interested in dismantling intersections of oppression and breathing magic and radical healing into all the daily corners of her life, into all the spaces of community she helps weave.

You missed out.

No, seriously, you missed out.

The Califia Collective Holiday Market was AMAZING!


There was of course the lovely Dream Workshop by our COM|PASSionate REVOLUTIONARY, Kaeti Gugiu, the highly anticipated Elixir Bar + Potion Lab, lots of lovingly made and magically imbued goodies and most importantly community gathering!

Those who swung through were lovely, folks with lots of healing knowledge themselves, aromatherapy and plant medicine aficionados, those just entering wide eyed into the world of quirky holistic healers and medicine makers, serendipitous new connections  and even some unexpectedly familiar faces! We were quite busy heading up to the event (and even almost missed it by a day due to confused chaotic holiday scheduling on our end) but we’re so glad we did the hustle to get there! It was truly a testament to opening up to new connections, trusting and heading in with open hearts.


Because… when you’re open to new connections, trust and head in with open hearts sometimes you come out well dressed, smelling delicious, warmed up from the inside and also vaguely sparkly from a fortuitous trade with a radical midwife who’s partner makes magical goodies like Unicorn Sparkle Balm!

Yup. You missed out. In fact I hesitated too long and missed out on the Dragon Balm! Life lesson: If someone, ANYONE, offers you a magical gathering and sparkly things in jars labeled after mythical creatures there’s no room for hesitation… I REPEAT, NO ROOM.

Lucky for you, though, dear reader, the magick women nurturing the collective, Kirsten + Alexis,  are continuing to busily create revolution in our local community with lots of new healing events!

Stay posted! We know we will! Check out links after the fold for holiday healing treats, services and revolutionaries!


Traci is a patron of the lost art of mythical creature balm making, queer family building, community dreaming and naturally sweet smelling arm pits. She writes and dreams for COM|PASSionate REVOLT, facilitates mind/body summits through yoga and offers herself as a humble witness of process through her therapy practice COM|PASSionate REVOLT Healing.

REVOLUTIONARIES mentioned in, alluded to or complimentary to this post.

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Worts + Cunning / The Lunar Apothecary

Long Beach Apothecary / The Crazy Herbalist

Dreamwork for Survivors

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Dream Inspired Design


The Cost of Healthy Living


In this episode of Quick Healing Tips With Ashley, Ashley shares information about the true cost AND value of healthy living!


Ashley is a healing seeker, adventurer, provider and sharer. She offers healing services through her practice and is working towards creating a mind body healing site in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Califia Holiday Market!


Special Announcement!

Please join us at Califia Collective’s Holiday Gathering & Market, tomorrow night!

The good folks at Califia are bringing me on board to teach with them, and tonight will be my first event with them. I will be there speaking about dreams, sharing a little zine version of the Litte Dreamwork Primer, and announcing my Dreamwork for Survivors course that will be debuting in the Spring! I’m so excited and pleased to be able to share this all with you. Our wonderful Compassionate Revolt team is going to be there too, sharing all kinds of lovingly crafted goodies and healing tools. This is a wonderful chance to meet, build community, support local healers, and get your little paws on some one-of-a-kind treasure.

Plus: FREE herbal elixir bar and make-your-own dream pillows!

So excited. See you there!


The Mentor of Keys

The Mentor of Keys embodies the presence, patience, and confidence born of deep experience. They sit in communion with the cosmic key, not grasping yet not despairing, self-possessed yet open-hearted, grounded yet oriented skyward. What does it feel like for the light of your heart to gently, strongly resonate with the steady light of your guiding constellations?

The Collective Tarot's Mentor of Keys
The Collective Tarot’s Mentor of Keys

This card really speaks to me and soothes me today. I’ve felt so busy for the last week or so! As I sit with this card, now, I am reminded that all of my busy-ness is in connection to this place. In my teaching at Pacifica, in my preparations to give a talk for Califia Collective on dreamwork this Friday and introduce my new dreamwork course (the Compassionate Revolt team will be there too – we’d love to see you there!), in my blogging this morning, in my growing therapy practice, there are more and more moments where I am being asked to speak from my own experience, to be patient with myself as I do so, and to have confidence in the wisdom of that place. More and more, I find myself balancing this lesson of speaking up from my own power, and learning to do so in a way that supports others – students, clients, colleagues, friends – in finding their own wisdom and their own voices, too.

I love this card as a reflection of what that lesson feels like for me this week. Curling up into the quiet, feeling safe there, gazing out into the darkness and seeing patterns constellate among the twinkling lights. Being able to teach a little bit about this process, to share it with folks, and to experience looking out and naming meaningful patterns together. Softly sharing a space of vision and inspiration.

When have you encountered the Mentor of Keys? Where do you find vision and inspiration? How do you share yours?

Bibliotherapy: Healing Trauma

There are wonderful healers and healing practices out there in the world but we know that accessibility to these services can sometimes be daunting. This makes us big fans of healing that can knock some of these accessibility challenges off your to do list.

I just finished this book Healing Trauma by Peter Levine, PhD, founder/creator of Somatic Experiencing. I was pleased to find it clear, concise, inexpensive ($15 on their website and less on Amazon!) and include audio supports for the exercises. I am also working through Waking the Tiger and In An Unspoken Voice two of Levine’s other books on how trauma is stored and healed in and through our bodies but this book can be utilized  completely independently! Take a look at Peter Levine’s work on his website to see if it’s a healing modality that might be helpful to you.


Traci is a fan of accessible healing tools whether they be therapy, film therapy, bibliotherapy, art therapy, the list goes on. She is also in an ongoing dialogue to get to know the complex and dynamic systems of her mind, body and spirit.

Notes on affordability + consciousness: If you appreciate someone’s work (in any media) and you can afford to we encourage you to buy directly from them. If you come across someone’s work via another big seller like Amazon take a minute to search them out individually. Get to know who and where you’re buying from. You may find other wonderful tools, spaces and voices and you’ll be supporting the folks behind those products/services. Sort of a self-imposed and honored sliding scale. Keep healing!