The Mentor of Keys

The Mentor of Keys embodies the presence, patience, and confidence born of deep experience. They sit in communion with the cosmic key, not grasping yet not despairing, self-possessed yet open-hearted, grounded yet oriented skyward. What does it feel like for the light of your heart to gently, strongly resonate with the steady light of your guiding constellations?

The Collective Tarot's Mentor of Keys
The Collective Tarot’s Mentor of Keys

This card really speaks to me and soothes me today. I’ve felt so busy for the last week or so! As I sit with this card, now, I am reminded that all of my busy-ness is in connection to this place. In my teaching at Pacifica, in my preparations to give a talk for Califia Collective on dreamwork this Friday and introduce my new dreamwork course (the Compassionate Revolt team will be there too – we’d love to see you there!), in my blogging this morning, in my growing therapy practice, there are more and more moments where I am being asked to speak from my own experience, to be patient with myself as I do so, and to have confidence in the wisdom of that place. More and more, I find myself balancing this lesson of speaking up from my own power, and learning to do so in a way that supports others – students, clients, colleagues, friends – in finding their own wisdom and their own voices, too.

I love this card as a reflection of what that lesson feels like for me this week. Curling up into the quiet, feeling safe there, gazing out into the darkness and seeing patterns constellate among the twinkling lights. Being able to teach a little bit about this process, to share it with folks, and to experience looking out and naming meaningful patterns together. Softly sharing a space of vision and inspiration.

When have you encountered the Mentor of Keys? Where do you find vision and inspiration? How do you share yours?

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