Call to Community: Changeling Zine

Hello there lovely COM|PASSionate REVOLUTIONARIES! Calling out you herbally inspired healers, medicinal magick makers and 2 spirits and mystical souls dedicated to social justice and community! We hope all is well out there but know that navigating the holidays can sometimes feel like sailing through treacherous waters. If you’re low on community, and could use a change in focus, perhaps you’d like to contribute to Worts and Cunning’s new project Changeling: Herbal Medicine + Magick Zine!

ChangelingAd“Changeling is a new herbal zine created for those of us who dance on the edges, who emphatically affirm the magick and mystery of our practice as herbologists, and love getting nerdy over the medicinal gifts of botanical medicine. We seek and support the diverse voices of our herbal community, commit to the path of social justice and plantwork, and celebrate the abundant wisdom of the green spirit of healing immanent in all things. The purpose of Changeling is to be a vessel of exchange, where we reach out to the universe, our community, and our selves, and the universe/community/selves reaches back.”

Heal through sharing your words and wisdom and art about healing! The deadline for the Spring Issue 1.31.15 the end of February 2015 (Newly extended.) Read more about the new project here. COM|PASSionately, The REVOLT

13 thoughts on “Call to Community: Changeling Zine”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I really appreciate it and *can’t wait* for folks from your amazing community to submit their words of wisdom to our little project! Folks should also feel free to get in touch with me directly if they have any questions. Happy winter!


    1. Hiya, Beth! I want so much for you to participate, too! I’ve been a secret fan of Little Red Tarot for a little while now (and was just in the process of writing you an email regarding guest posts on your lovely blog).

      You can find out all about Changeling at : and you can find out about me at: If you want to get in touch directly, contact me at Thanks so much for your interest and I do hope that you submit a piece to Changeling!


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