Roadtrip Anyone?

Hi Friends!

We haven’t disappeared! As life goes, we’re growing, changing, disintegrating, and evolving! COM|PASSionate REVOLT will still be a place for community healing. It will still have space for collaboration and conversation. However, it will also hold my personal practice.

COM|PASSionate REVOLT as a community collaboration space was a huge dream of mine and I am so grateful for the voices that have added to this little utopia of healing revolution! All published contributors have been informed individually and what they have left here are consensual passionate gifts from their hearts. Please, enjoy with wild self-loving abandon!

If you would like to continue to follow along this wild roadtrip towards self-acceptance and authenticity here are the places you can find our itinerary:

Some final words of love here…


COM|PASSionately Yours,

Traci + The REVOLUTION ❤