Tarot Tuesdays: The Map and Compass to the Human Heart

There are lots of beautiful spreads to assist in exploring through tarot. One of the simple ways I like to pull is to hold a general topic in mind that I need some guidance on while shuffling. I’ll then cut the deck with my non-dominant hand and flip the card. I’ll lay it down in front … Continue reading Tarot Tuesdays: The Map and Compass to the Human Heart

Tarot Tuesdays: Queer Healing Playshop

Morning REVOLUTIONARIES! Welcome to the second installation of Tarot Tuesdays new PLAYSHOP Series! As soon as the idea of a “playshop” came into my awareness the philosophy of it has been treating me well. I’m a big believer that learning, healing, transfer of wisdom, etc isn’t a top down (or for that matter, somber) flow. However, … Continue reading Tarot Tuesdays: Queer Healing Playshop

Tarot Tuesday With a Shot of Testosterone

Hello dear Tarot-ists! We’re sorry Tarot Tuesday is a bit late tonight. As would have it, the cards will be read when they’re ready to be read. Tonight we have a special treat as we’ve injected a little (well 18 months worth) of testosterone into this spread we call the playshop. Please, enjoy this guest post from … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday With a Shot of Testosterone

Tarot Tuesday: Andi Grace

Good Morning COM|PASSionate Community, you beautiful, rambunctious, playful group of divine beings! How has your week and your healing been going? Today, we have such a special treat! A visitor has traipsed through the playshop by way of BC! Andi Grace, Poet, Facilitator, Author, Intuitive, and Social Justice Advocate, of Andi Grace Writes (And, formerly, … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday: Andi Grace

Tarot Tuesday: Questions + Answers

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today on The Playshop I’m contemplating the place of questions and answers in our healing journeys. These two concepts/tools are especially relevant in the realm of tarot where we are working with a healing practice specifically to shake off the conscious and give space to the underlying truths. Every healing method is … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday: Questions + Answers

Tarot Tuesday: The Wild Unknown

Oh, hello there, lovelies! How goes it today, friends? I’ve been getting in a little community and travel therapy this past week. My body’s tired but it’s been magick for the spirit! I didn’t come back with a lot of travel themed souvenirs but I did go a little tarot deck crazy. I was traipsing … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday: The Wild Unknown

Tarot Tuesday: Accountability + Boundaries

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely start to their August. The past month and a half has been a whirlwind of activity, re-structuring, and schedule changes for me. I finally came into a (partially body induced/mandated) slow down this weekend. It was unfamiliar and really lovely. I got to pull quite a bit of … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday: Accountability + Boundaries

Tarot Tuesday: Finding Your Deck

Okay, full disclosure. I may or may not have had lots of plans to go camping, hiking, attend a vegan faire, and connect in with community (BTW- Check out this rad queer artist meetup!) and instead binge watched 2/3 of the first season of Witches of East End with my partner this weekend. I could make excuses. … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday: Finding Your Deck

Tarot Tuesday: Finding Guidance

Hello there lovelies, healers, healing seekers, unicorns, magick and mischief makers!  We hope your Tuesday has been as lovely as ours! We’re bringing back Tarot Tuesday in a bit of a different format. The ever talented and knowledgeable Kaeti is off following the wisdom of tarot down other adventurous trails at the moment so we’re going … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday: Finding Guidance

Tarot Tuesday: The Fool’s Journey

Hey there Tarot Tuesday fans! So lovely to see everyone! Traci here of Picnic Lunch, COM|PASSionate Inspiration and general blog/website upkeep. Kaeti’s still out of town so I’ll be pinch hitting on this one. I don’t have nearly as much experience or knowledge as Kaeti with tarot, but it has been extremely powerful in my … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday: The Fool’s Journey