MHM Ep. 7: Pausing for Self-Care


Hello COM|PASSionate REVOLUTIONARIES and happy Monday!

We’re sorry that the Mental Health Mash-Up is going up a little bit late today. Our schedules have been a little overwhelming recently… oh, what’s today’s podcast about you ask?

It’s about how to pause for self-care when you start to get overwhelmed! Even when you’re overwhelmed by lots of wonderful and healing community building and discussions!

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You can listen here:

Or on our LibSyn Page.

So take a listen and then don’t forget to come hang out with us this weekend if you’re local! The Trans* Asterisk Conference starts Friday night and workshops happen on Saturday!

Feeling overwhelmed and need a little pep talk before heading out the door and onto the traffic of the 91fwy? Here’s one of our favorite sources of silly internet self-care (Notice VERY Calming Manatee above.)

We hope you enjoy and we’d love to hear your thoughts!


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Skye + Traci 


Skye is a youth worker, educator, activist and white transmasculine human. Traci is a therapist, yoga teacher, educator and queer vegan femme-inist of color. They reside, practice, navigate, process, survive and flourish in the Southern California area.


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