Healing Reflections: Bloom Bravely



We hope all is well out in your worlds! I’m a little bit under the weather. It’s been quite a winter season! I was talking to the studio owner over at Deep Dog Yoga, Yorba Linda about the Wednesday morning class before it started. The class, while always lovely, really seems to flow with the seasons. Sometimes we’re a very small group and sometimes a large group. Sometimes we move and sometimes, like this morning, what seemed to be called for was deep grounding, stretching and strengthening for our bodies and our hearts.

Hump Day is real! It can be a struggle or a leaping off point. It’s an interesting little moment in time and space each week and we’ve been loving offering you a Quick Healing Tip to get you through the week. In the off weeks of this bi-weekly series we’re still feeling into what might be needed on Wednesdays here at COM|PASSionate REVOLT and decided that this week a little healing reflection might be just the thing.

We stumbled upon this lovely post by Recreating a Beautiful Mind and wanted to point you over there today in case you’re struggling to Bloom Bravely this Wednesday.

In bravery,

Traci + COM|PASSionate REVOLT


Traci is a yoga teacher and therapist in the Orange County area. She sometimes struggles with Wednesdays but is learning to foster dialogue with the moment, listen into body and sink into healing.

Ahimsa + Sangha

Happy Friday beautiful, shining, powerful community!

We just wanted to send everyone off into the weekend with a little a lot of warm fuzziness!!!


Last Friday we tested the power of the sangha (community) and practiced ahimsa (non-harm) with an acoustically accompanied yoga class and dinner event to raise donations for Farm Sanctuary! Coffee Shop Covers for COM|PASSion was a lovely night of good yoga, great food and heart warming community building! Deep Dog Yoga opened their doors and Joni Marie Newman, vegan chef and cookbook author (Just the Food), spoiled our bellies with tacos from Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen!!! We talked yoga and veganism and life. We can’t think of a better or more healing way to have spent a Friday night!

We are happy to say that we were able to send off $100 worth of love to Farm Sanctuary! You can see just a few of the furry and feathered faces that you supported with your COM|PASSionate donations above from our trip to the farm last year! We had our hearts set on adopting some turkeys this past Thanksgiving to come stay at revolution headquarters but with a possible move on the horizon for the core COM|PASSionate REVOLT team we were really happy to be able to support in a different way with your help and generosity!

Thank you so much community! What an amazing way to start of the the new year with an intention of COM|PASSion!!!!

In gratitude,

Lila, Turkey Lurkey, The Largest Brown Eyes You’ve Ever Seen, Mischevious Goats, Lounging Piggies and, of course, The COM|PASSionate REVOLT Team

Coffee Shop Covers for COM|PASSion


As you settle into your holiday plans we wanted to give you a head’s up that you don’t want to party too hard on New Year’s because you definitely want to be ready for Coffee Shop Covers for COM|PASSion on 1.2.15!!!


That’s right- for ONE NIGHT ONLY the floor at Club Yoga will be open for musicians, yogis and Veggie Burger fans alike! Feel free to shoot us over any song requests or if you have a favorite cover YOU would like to perform!

Class will be a donation based all levels appropriate flow with food and drink to follow. Proceeds will go to the good folks and work of Farm Sanctuary!

We’ll remind you again but save the date now!! Also, come check out other events in the COM|PASSionate REVOLUTION here!


RSVP to the Facebook event HERE!