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Happy Friday everyone!

We hope you’ve had a lovely week. We hope that you’ve given and shared loved in your healing journeys. We hope that you’ve been supported and honored in your ongoing transitions.

It can be easy to get swept up in the speed of the week and the changes of day to day life to the point that it becomes difficult see where your feet touch the ground. Sometimes everything seems like a complication.

We ran into this piece traipsing about the under side of Pike’s Market in Seattle during our Gender Odyssey excursion and thought, that’s what we want. _J4N34BCAjn-gXTim8q1QJG4AuSSIxGWiZLDKE-Sj7gSo take a breath, slow down, simplify, the week is coming to a close. Have an extravagant weekend. Give and consume love with gluttonous hunger. See the complications as little hors d’oeuvres of lessons and gifts. Choose to take in beautiful moments of experience until your belly is so full you have to pause to take a nap and digest it all through the sweetest of dreams.



Get out, take care of yourself and heal in community!

  • SATURDAY 9.19.15 Greet the Day Yoga, Deep Dog, Yorba Linda*
  • MONDAY 9.21.15 Summer Flow, Deep Dog, Yorba Linda*
  • WEDNESDAY 9.23.15 Midweek Mindfulness Practice, Deep Dog, Yorba Linda*
  • THURSDAY 9.24.15 Bones + Breath Yoga, Deep Dog, Yorba Linda*


Don’t forget there’s lots of upcoming ways to get involved!

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In extravagant gratitude,

The COM|PASSionate REVOLT Community<3


*Events are put on by the CR Community/CR Community members. Other events are by friends of the CR Community or of interest to the CR Community. Feeling a little nervous about getting out and involved? Email us and if we can we’ll make some introductions so you have a friendly face to say “Hi” to when you get there!

**Most of these events will be local to Southern CA (unless we notice an event that sets us off into road trip dreamland.) If you want to do a COM|PASSionate event round-up for your local area let us know!

***Are you an individual, meet-up or community group that has some COM|PASSionate events of your own? Email us for details on how to submit your event to our calendar!

****Have your own story about healing or thoughts on healing? Are you a queer vegan healer? Want to talk to your community about ways you’re living consciously and connected? Do you want your blog, org, or event to be featured on one of our running series or want to do an interview introducing yourself to the COM|PASSionate REVOLT Community? Are you a unicorn in a pony world disguising your magickal star dust sprinkling mane to live amongst the commoners?

Pitch us a blog series or interview idea!! Contact us at!


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