COM|PASSionate Inspiration: Seeds



Get stuck in the potential,

the tomorrow,

the light to come,

the rainbow after the storm,

the strength that is fostered in those of us that have had to fight a little harder to be seen, heard, nurtured.

Any support that was begrudged you-

Any respect not given-

Any tears mocked-

Any experience invalidated is not a measure of your worth, your value, the divinity that is to spring forth from the seed that is your essence.


you with soft hearts,

you with souls so deep that the darkness cannot be navigated,

you passionate fighters,

you compassionate spirits,

you with gaping wounds and blinding light,

you beautiful world weary animals,

you, You, YOU,

that have been buried alive and now claw for the sides and gasp for breath,

grow now you once buried, majestic seeds,

let your shivering, shimmering, strength break through.

In nurturing,


COM|PASSionate Inspiration: Good Animals


You know that phrase “world weary traveler?”

Well, traveling this world can be a weary task. The world doesn’t always (read: very rarely) makes space for the way we would like to travel: intentionally, safely, vulnerably, with open (and often wounded) hearts and minds.

On days when life is demanding and busy and not setup for your heart to do it’s greatest healing work we invite you to be gentle with yourself, good animals. Take breaks and deep breaths. Remember that REVOLUTION can be accessed through PASSIONATE COMPASSION for yourself and others.

Look into the eyes of the animals you pass in your travels– the ones you love and interact with, the ones who challenge you, the ones that may not see “goodness” in themselves and even the ones that pass swiftly through your peripheral vision. Send them love and light and wish for them nothing more/less than what we wish for you dear community,

“to be a good animal today.”

With pure good animal love,