MHM 16: Contemporary Relationships Wrap-Up

Hey Everyone!

We’re back from Austin! Actually, have been for a couple of weeks- sorry for the delay!


We wanted to talk a little bit about our trip generally and also share some take-aways from the workshops that we attended. Below are the full titles, speakers names and any other link information we could wrestle up!

We feel so lucky to be able to share these resources with you and Austin treated us so well! Thanks Contemporary Relationships!

As always you can reach us at…



Skye + Traci 


Skye is a youth worker, educator, activist and white transmasculine human. Traci is a therapist, yoga teacher, educator and queer vegan femme-inist of color. They reside, practice, navigate, survive and flourish in the Southern California area. The Mental Health Mash-Up is their offering of thoughts, process and tips towards mental health and wellness as queer folks navigating the intersections of stigma, oppression and identities.