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Happy Friday REVOLUTIONARIES! We’re posting events early this week to remind you that registration for the Contemporary Relationships Conference closes at midnight!

We’ve been on an upswing back into a normal schedule of productivity. Hustling and bustling about. Dreams of community gatherings dancing in our heads. We want this space to feel stable, consistent, present but we also want to be present in ourselves so we can share those experiences here.

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With that in mind we’re meditating on how to create balance in our schedules. We want to pause and simmer and lie still.

We want to take time to waste time.

We want to commit, not only to take a road less traveled, but to wander off the road all together.

We want to let our hair fall down, let our heads rest still, feel warm concrete beneath us, and throw concerns of pristine cleanliness to the wind. An adventurers garb should be covered in dirt when the dust settles from a good story waiting to be re-told.

Pause, simmer, repeat, REVOLUTIONARIES.

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Get out, take care of yourself and heal in community!


Don’t forget there’s lots of upcoming ways to get involved!


Feeling like some quiet time at home is what you need? How about a little Radical Self-Care and Body Love???

  • Check out Mara Glatzel’s internet space where she offers meditations on Brave Love, Sacred Celebration and Daily Permission for Women.
  • Need a little movement? Check out Anna Guest-Jelley’s Curvy Yoga website. Find tips, videos, words and classes for YOUR yoga body rather than “the yoga body” we’re often inundated with in internet media.
  • Need some quiet time at home? Need some radical self-care and body love? We highly recommend settling in for some quiet time at home, radical self-care and body love. You know what to do.


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*Events are put on by the CR Community/CR Community members. Other events are by friends of the CR Community or of interest to the CR Community. Feeling a little nervous about getting out and involved? Email us and if we can we’ll make some introductions so you have a friendly face to say “Hi” to when you get there!

**Most of these events will be local to Southern CA (unless we notice an event that sets us off into road trip dreamland.) If you want to do a COM|PASSionate event round-up for your local area let us know!

***Are you an individual, meet-up or community group that has some COM|PASSionate events of your own? Email us for details on how to submit your event to our calendar!


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